I reached the target, What's next?

Congratulations on reaching the target for your Challenge Account! Here's a simple guide to help you smoothly navigate the next steps:

  1. Confirm Target Achievement:

Upon reaching the target, head to your Membership Dashboard and navigate to the "Accounts" section. Look out for the "Target Reached" tab, where you'll find a reassuring checkmark confirming your achievement.

  1. Receive Your Certificate of Achievement:

As a token of your success, you'll also receive your Certificate of Achievement in the Certificates Tab.

Another good news! You can easily download or share your certificate. Just click Download Certificate or Share Certificate. Check out the screenshot below:

  1. Sign the Contract:

Time to seal the deal! Keep an eye on your registered email address for the contract you need to sign. Once received, give it a thorough review, sign it, and attach these essential documents:

a. Proof of Identity

b. Proof of Address

c. Tax Document (Form W-9)

  1. Pay the Activation Fee:

After signing the contract, return it to your Membership Dashboard. Under "Accounts," take action by selecting "Activate" to proceed with the activation process. You can conveniently pay the activation fee using either Credit/Debit Card or Cryptocurrency.

  1. Activate Your Performance Account:

Once the payment is successfully processed, head back to your Dashboard, where you'll see your Performance Account activated and ready to go! It's now time to dive into the exciting world of trading.

That's it! You've completed the process, and your Performance Account is now active and accessible for you to start your trading journey.

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