Available trading instruments

FlexyTrade gives you access to major exchanges like CME Group, COMEX, CBOT, and NYMEX, exposing you to a diverse set of assets.

We have tons of options to choose from across different exchanges. Checkout the following instruments below:

Rollover Dates

Now a quick reminder about some important dates. Here at FlexyTrade, we follow the standard rollover calendar set by the exchanges. Simply put - it's your responsibility to close out any contracts before the listed expiration date each month.

When a position remains open past the rollover date, which is the following Monday, you’ll end up breaching our trading rules.

Something that can help is using a calendar alert to keep tabs on the dates. Just set them for a week ahead or a day before to remind yourself. Easy fix to cover your bases!

You can also check the list of Futures instruments here:

CME Group Product Slate

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