Can I have multiple accounts?

We understand the importance of diversifying your trading portfolio, which is why we provide you with the freedom and flexibility to do so. Our platform offers multiple and diverse trading plans that are tailored to fit your trading strategies and style.

To make things easier, we allow our traders to have multiple trading accounts under one user account.

What is the difference between my user account and my trading accounts?

User account

When you make your first purchase on our platform, we will provide you with a unique user ID. Our personalized user accounts are designed to house all of your trading accounts, no matter how many you have, under one simple login.

Trading account

Your trading accounts are the challenge accounts you’ve purchased and used to trade on the futures market. There's no limit to the number of trading accounts you can have but you are limited to managing up to 20 Performance Accounts simultaneously. So, go ahead and grab as many as you like!

For more details on our different trading accounts and products, you may visit its main article here: Our Plans

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