Withdrawal Schedule

In FlexyTrade, funds may only be withdrawn ONCE (1x) a month.

Payouts can be requested at any time during the calendar month, but the processing of payments will only be done at the end of each month.

Starting May 31st, once you’ve requested a withdrawal, FlexyTrade will confirm your eligibility for withdrawal. During this time, your account will stay active and the balance will remain unchanged.

The final check and balance adjustment will happen after the last day of the month, as long as you still meet the balance criteria.

Here’s a sample scenario so you can understand it better:

  1. You make your first payout request, and guess what? It’s confirmed for eligibility and approved!

  2. Now, let's say you make a second payout request and it’s also approved.

  3. At the end of the month, there will be another assessment based on your account balance.

This means:

  1. If your balance at the end of the month is less than the total amount of your first and second withdrawal requests but still meets the minimum withdrawal amount, we'll process the available balance.

  2. On the other hand, if the account balance at the end of the month does not meet the minimum withdrawal amount, despite the eligibility and approval of the first and second payout requests, no payout will be processed.

So, the key thing here is that it's up to you as the trader to really stay on top of your balance, especially if you're putting in multiple payout requests in the same month. Make sure to keep a close eye on it!

Here at FlexyTrade, we also want to give you the freedom to focus on what matters most - growing your skills. That’s why, for your first accumulated $25000 payout, you can keep 100% of your profits. It's our way of supporting your journey and helping you thrive right from the start.

As you continue to excel and surpass your $25000 accumulated payout, FlexyTrade will only collect a 10% commission, which helps keep the doors open so we can all continue flexing together!

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