Consistency Rule

Managing risk long-term means more than just avoiding blowups, right? It's about establishing sustainability over months and years. That's where consistency comes into play.

When it comes to trading, consistency means your ability to follow trading principles in a constant and stable manner. It serves as a measure of your capability to generate profits and effectively manage risks consistently. As traders, we all know how important it is to have patience, emotional control, risk management, and the ability to deliver consistent results.

The FlexyTrade Consistency Rule states that no single trading day should account for more than 30% of the total profit achieved throughout your trading journey. What this means is you need to aim for a nice, even distribution of profits, where no single day contributes more than 30% to the total profit.

Aside from this, you also need to trade for at least four (4) days for us to assess your trading strategies. These trading days don't have to be consecutive, giving you the flexibility to trade according to your schedule.

How does this affect my payout request?

The Consistency Rule goes hand-in-hand with our payout policy. When you request a withdrawal, it's important to ensure that your daily profits consistently fall within 30% of the total profit you plan to withdraw.

To put it simply, let's say you want to withdraw a certain amount of profit from your trading activities. According to the Consistency Rule, you have to keep your daily profits below or equal to 30% of your total earnings. If your daily profits go beyond this 30% threshold, that’s a breach of the Consistency Rule and may delay the approval of your payout request.

It's best to keep trading and stick to your daily trading plan until your single-day profits fall below or reach 30%.

Once you've maintained this trading strategy, you can go ahead and request a withdrawal on the next available payout date.

For more information on our complete Payout Policy and Schedule, check out our article here: Payout Policy.

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