Supported Trading Software

At FlexyTrade, we believe in choice - choice of platforms, choice of tools, choice of strategies.

When it comes to trading platforms, we’ve partnered with the trusted ones in the industry - like Quantower.

The best part? Trading with FlexyTrade will get you free Quantower access!

Quantower is packed with a wide range of features including a DOM Surface and an integrated Copy Trade system. So, you get all of these and more for free!

Other supported trading platforms

As we said, we believe in choice and understand that every trader has their preferred platform. That's why you are free to explore alternative options if you prefer!

So, if you already have your own license for platform, you can easily connect them as they are fully compatible with FlexyTrade. Our firm is all about providing you with the flexibility to choose the trading environment that best suits your needs.

Here’s the full list of our other supported trading platforms:

  • Agena Trader

  • Atas

  • Bookmap X-Ray

  • Bookmap

  • Collective 2

  • Inside Edge

  • Jigsaw DayTradr

  • Medved Trader

  • Motive Wave

  • MultiCharts

  • Optimus Flow

  • Overcharts

  • Photon Trader

  • Quantower

  • Quick Screen Trading

  • R Investor

  • Scalp

  • Scalp Tool

  • Sierra Chart

  • Tiger Trade

  • Trade Navigator

  • TS Lab


Feel free to connect and make the most of your trading experience with FlexyTrade!

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