Quantower Connection Guide

Now that you’re part of FlexyTrade, it’s time to take your first step and get started with Quantower! Just follow the steps below to get started.

  1. First off, hop on over to the Quantower website and click the "Download" button.

  2. Locate the downloaded file and double-click it to start the installation

Got an error message? Follow the steps provided below under Install Microsoft .NET 7.0 (if required)

  1. Click "Accept and Continue.” You're almost there!

  2. Pick "dxFeed Simulated" and click "Let's Start!". Data will appear in no time.

  1. Next, let’s now connect your Rithmic ID.

Connect FlexyTrade Account like a Pro

  1. One second! Before you can follow the steps below, make sure you have successfully installed and activated your Rithmic Trader Pro. Steps to do that are right here: R|Trader Pro Connection Guide

  2. Your FlexyTrade account is seamlessly integrated with the Quantower License, which eliminates the need for you to contact support to obtain a license key.

  3. With our license key, you can access a comprehensive suite of features, including the DOM surface, TPO charts, and copy trade functionality.

  1. On the Quantower dashboard, select "FlexyTrade" to connect directly to your account.

  2. Enter your Rithmic User ID/FT User ID and password, double-checking for sneaky typos. Accuracy is key!

    1. Rithmic User ID/FT User ID: XXXXXXX


    3. Disable market data in Rtrader Pro to open and access both platforms at the same time.

  3. Click "Connect" and hold tight while Rithmic establishes the connection. This might take a moment, but be patient; great things are coming!

  4. Once the dot beside "FlexyTrade" turns green, you're successfully connected! Congratulations!

Install Microsoft .NET 7.0 (if required)

If prompted with the following error message:

  1. Click "Yes," and you'll be whisked away to the Microsoft website.

  2. If the download doesn't automatically start, click on "Click here to download manually." You got this!

  1. Double-click the downloaded .exe file and follow the simple installation instructions.

  1. Once .NET 7.0 is installed, head back to Step 4 of the Quantower Connection Guide.

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