What are the identification documents I need to submit to complete my account validation?

At FlexyTrade, all new members are required to complete a simple account validation process—a crucial step in activating your Performance Account and start earning profits!

Don't worry, this is just a straightforward verification to confirm the information you provided is accurate and correct. We're not trying to make things complicated; we just want to keep things safe and secure for everyone.

Anyway, this process involves providing a few key documents to verify your identity and address. Let's go over the requirements in detail:

Proof of Identity

The document you submit for proof of identity should:

  • Be valid (not expired) up to the date you submit your verification request

  • Match the name and date of birth on your account

  • Have clear, readable details

  • Be a full-color, unedited image of the entire document

  • Be in .jpg, .png, or .heic format (no photocopies, scans, or screenshots)

Here are the IDs we accept:

  • Driver's License (for US Only)

  • Passport

  • National ID card

Sample of acceptable IDs (in four corners of the document, and details are fully visible).

Make sure to provide a clear photo or scan of the full document, including all four corners, so we can fully verify your identity.

Proof of Address

For proof of address, the document you submit should:

  • Have your name and address matching what's on your account

  • Not be older than 90 days or 3 months

  • Have clear, readable details

  • Be a full-color, unedited image of the entire document

  • Be the original downloaded file, photo, or PDF scan (no modified versions, screenshots, or photocopies)

Here are the POAs we accept:

  • Utility Bill (Electricity, water, phone*, internet)

  • Bank or credit card statement**, Insurance policy

  • Lease Agreement or Mortgage Statement

  • Tax Document

*only landline phone bills (no mobile phone bills)

Sample of an acceptable POA (downloaded file or original photo of the document in all four corners. Details are fully visible):

Tax Document for US and Non-US Citizens

Finally, if you're a US or non-US citizen, you'll also need to fill out and sign a Tax Document as part of the account validation process.

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