R|Trader Pro Connection Guide

First things first, download and install R|Trader Pro from this link: R|Trader Pro installer

  1. Just follow the prompt until you see the login screen.

  2. Once you’re done, go ahead and log in with your FlexyTrade Rithmic credentials. This can be found in the confirmation email we sent you.

3. Simply choose “Rithmic Paper Trading” for the System field, and “Chicago Area” for the Gateway field. Make sure your login screen matches the one below:

You can click on “Remember Me” in the upper-right corner if you want the system to save your credentials and not worry about logging in again later.

4. After that, just click on “Login” and you should see the agreement window. First, click on “Rithmic, LLC Market Data Subscription Agreement”, then scroll down and click on “I agree”. Next, open the “Rithmic, LLC Market Data Self-Certification”, and select “NON-PROFESSIONAL.”

5. If everything goes smoothly, R|Trader Pro should boot and open up on its own. You can now jump in and start exploring what the platform has to offer!

For more details on our available Market Data and Depth information, just go here: Market Data and Market Depth

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